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Prestige Window Tinting Rockhampton stocks a huge range of the latest cutting edge window films from the world’s leading tint manufacturers. With a large range of films to choose from, our customers can browse at their leisure and compare the films from the world’s leading window film manufacturers in a one stop shop environment.

Combined with the extensive knowledge of all things tinting by our own resident Master Tinter, Darren Jobling who has over 25 years experience in the industry, we can make selecting the right tint to suit your car and budget a whole lot less confusing.

Like any product though, the finished job will only ever be as good as the workmanship of the tradesman doing the job. With professionally trained staff who are constantly undergoing training programs in the latest techniques and on the latest vehicles to keep their skills at the forefront of the industry, Prestige Window Tinting can deliver a professional and stylish finish to any vehicle, from a new car fresh from the dealer to one of the ‘yesterday’s classics’ we all love.


This is the pinnacle of automotive window tinting. There are simply no better window films on the market than these, which are the top of the range products the world’s leading tint manufacturers can offer. These films offer the latest in Ceramic and Nano Particle construction, designed specifically for the latest cars on the market. The tints in this range deliver unsurpassed heat rejection, specifically targeting the infra red (heat) range of the spectrum and will not interfere with all of the advanced electrical and signalling systems today’s modern cars incorporate into their design.

Our staff receives advanced training in the use and features of these films and the specialised fitting they require for your car.

Films in this range include our own Ceramic Black and our Chrome.

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These films are the work horses of our range. Falling half way between our top of the range films and our entry level films, these films are great window films at great prices. The films in this range are all metallised films from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, which offer superior heat rejection capabilities through a layer of sputtered metal in the construction of the film. These films were, until a few years ago, considered the top of the range in window film selection.

Films to watch out for in this range include Oxide which comes in a black finish or a softer grey colour and Silhouette which has a classy soft grey finish all of its own.

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Our prestige premium range of films offers a range of tinting options for those on a budget who would still like a bold or subtle look for their pride and joy. The tinting options in this range are typically colour stable (non fading) dyed films which do not offer as high a heat performance as our other ranges, however are still a great way to get a tinted look for your car.

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